by Ckaleber12 at 02-02-2019, 12:36 AM
After hearing about your Minecraft: Java Edition server I decided to fire up my laptop and give your server a go. My first login to the server was on January 31, 2019 at around 8 PM ET. When I joined the server, I decided to explore the world and walked for around 1,000 blocks in all kinds of different directions when I spotted a large territory named Israel. Being curious, I decided to walk towards the large structure, which was surrounded by a wall approximately 10 blocks high in most areas. Using the cobblestone I had gathered from mining, I built a small cobblestone tower so that I could jump right into the territory. To top it all off, I had less than 3 hunger points when I did this. The reason why it was so easy to get inside was that parts of the territory didn't extend past the wall or they did it was only one or two blocks maximum. One of the things I did was explore their farm. This farm uses soul sand and magma blocks to push people up or down with water, thus making it easy to get into their farm. This water elevator was exposed from the roof and anybody could get in without using a door. After coming out of the farm, I saw Yugi building a new structure in the castle grounds. Scared, I hid behind one of the pillars supporting the large tower in the middle of the territory. I wanted to see if I could explore even further, so I moved from the pillar into a small corridor right beside the entrance to the tower. He spotted me so I immediately disconnected from the server. Around two or three minutes later I tried to reconnect but there was a massage saying I was permanently banned for hacking and that Yugi had banned me. I feel like I have been unfairly banned because all I did was jump over a wall and explore his territory. He has no proof that I was using a hacking client and I had just joined the server that day. At most I thought Yugi would kill me, but I feel like having server admins that will ban you for just being on their territory not only takes away from the Minecraft factions experience, but is an abuse of administrator privileges.
by Brotch at 01-30-2019, 01:39 AM


Discord Name and ID:




When did you join us?:

A week ago

Past Experience:

I've been a Admin at, this was really active back in the day around 2014.

Mainly i know what im doing when it comes to minecraft, i know how to develop plugins and edit them whenever needed.

Why you think you'd make a good moderator: 

I've moderated with Rprp on this is an online forum mafia based game, you can meet up with friends in reallife and have a great time together as ''clan'' and show the people that you can be number one.

Its fun when you know what you are doing, thought it would be a great add-on to the application.

Why should we accept you:

I think I should become a admin/helper because I enjoy playing on discarded craft and would like to help the server in any way. This admin/helper position would be beneficial to me as I would like to acquire responsibilities on the server or forum and to help the discarded community with any queries.

I am currently volunteering at an aged care home, which I think would help me if I were to get this position as I do have experience helping other people. What I do at the aged care home is socialize with the elderly residents and play games with them, help them in my time spent there every week.

I have the confidence and communication skills to take part in this position and am aware of the various responsibilities that comes with being a admin/helper. Although I may come out as a bit strong that is because I stand up for what I believe is right and not what is wrong. I have integrity and honesty, grant that I may make mistakes along the way, I am human after all. If there is a problem with a certain player I will make sure to see it from there point of view instead of giving my opinion straight away on how I think this person should handle their issue.

If I am not online in-game, then I would most likely be on the discords/forums. I will be on the discord for most of the day, i think that is good because I can reply to those that need help ASAP. I should become admin/helper because I live in the Netherlands that is an advantage to the server as there aren't many staff that live in Netherlands as most live in different time zones.

Thanks for reading my application, and i hope i may be the one helping grow this community!

Greetings Ricardo

by Levfy at 01-23-2019, 10:07 AM

Discord Name and ID:Levfy,6082


When did you join us?:Tuesday (Jan 22)

Past Experience:I’ve have owned 2 servers, one on minecraft and one on tekkit. I completely understand the fundamentals on how servers work and what action needs to be taken when required. I have basic knowledge of commands and I am a quick learner.

Why you think you'd make a good moderator: I love playing on smaller servers because I can connect more to the community,I also like to try and help the staff out with projects to help the server progress into becoming successful.

Why should we accept you: I am dedicated when needed to, I will always try to help people or staff when asked. I love connecting to the community of server and want every player to enjoy there time well playing on DiscardedCraft. No matter if I get the position or not I will always play on the server and continue trying to be helpful.
by Patty B at 01-21-2019, 09:19 AM

Discord Name and ID:BloCCboY P#1755


When did you join us?:2/3 weeks ago

Past Experience:Owner of PattyCraft, Builder on multiple servers, Moderator on multiple servers

Why you think you'd make a good moderator:I don't mess around when it comes to cheaters, and idiots. I feel as if all players should have a fun, and entertaining playing experience

Why should we accept you: I am a chill, Down to earth, but can be serious when time comes, i feel as if the server could benefit from my skills.
by Rippin Jeff at 01-17-2019, 09:04 PM
As of late we need to nerf money and how it is made once more,  i also feel that the server could benefit from a balance wipe, so that people/factions with pre-existing money are not overpowered in the economy i.e. Israel and its members, i think we could also increase the amount of money needed to buy faction land, and if we can get a tax plugin so that we dont just horde all the money we have. i understand that not all of these suggestions can be made if any of them, but as a staff member i wish  to make this server not only fun for me and the people who play on it but harder than most servers.
by Adam at 01-13-2019, 10:48 AM

At least 14 years of age.
Somewhat proper grammar and spelling.
Interactive with the community.

Copy and paste the following in a new thread and fill it out:


[b]Discord Name and ID:[/b]

[b]Server you're applying for (This will either be our Survival server or N/A):[/b]

[b]Steam Link (if applicable):[/b]


[b]When did you join us?:[/b]

[b]Past Experience:[/b]

[b]Why you think you'd make a good moderator:[/b]

[b]Why should we accept you:[/b]

The template can change, and so can the requirements, at any time without notice.
by Adam at 11-30-2018, 02:22 AM
1. Don't act a fool.
2. Don't use (((racist))) words.
3. Don't tear up the surface for any reason.
4. Using any clientside mods besides Optifine and shaders is not allowed.
4A. Xray is also falls under this rule, regardless of if its a resource pack or client. This is a permanent ban.
5. You can raid and grief anything that is not protected.
6. Do not spam the chat.
7. Use common-sense.
8. Alt accounts, regardless of its use, are not allowed and will get you ipbanned.
9. You may raid and grief factions you're at war with.
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