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Levfy’s staff application

Discord Name and ID:Levfy,6082


When did you join us?:Tuesday (Jan 22)

Past Experience:I’ve have owned 2 servers, one on minecraft and one on tekkit. I completely understand the fundamentals on how servers work and what action needs to be taken when required. I have basic knowledge of commands and I am a quick learner.

Why you think you'd make a good moderator: I love playing on smaller servers because I can connect more to the community,I also like to try and help the staff out with projects to help the server progress into becoming successful.

Why should we accept you: I am dedicated when needed to, I will always try to help people or staff when asked. I love connecting to the community of server and want every player to enjoy there time well playing on DiscardedCraft. No matter if I get the position or not I will always play on the server and continue trying to be helpful.

Thank you for applying for Trial Moderator.

We're currently in the process of reviewing your application. We will get back to you within a week.

Adam (SkimSkamBimBam)
Approved for a 1 month trial period.

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