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I was Unfairly Banned for Hacking
After hearing about your Minecraft: Java Edition server I decided to fire up my laptop and give your server a go. My first login to the server was on January 31, 2019 at around 8 PM ET. When I joined the server, I decided to explore the world and walked for around 1,000 blocks in all kinds of different directions when I spotted a large territory named Israel. Being curious, I decided to walk towards the large structure, which was surrounded by a wall approximately 10 blocks high in most areas. Using the cobblestone I had gathered from mining, I built a small cobblestone tower so that I could jump right into the territory. To top it all off, I had less than 3 hunger points when I did this. The reason why it was so easy to get inside was that parts of the territory didn't extend past the wall or they did it was only one or two blocks maximum. One of the things I did was explore their farm. This farm uses soul sand and magma blocks to push people up or down with water, thus making it easy to get into their farm. This water elevator was exposed from the roof and anybody could get in without using a door. After coming out of the farm, I saw Yugi building a new structure in the castle grounds. Scared, I hid behind one of the pillars supporting the large tower in the middle of the territory. I wanted to see if I could explore even further, so I moved from the pillar into a small corridor right beside the entrance to the tower. He spotted me so I immediately disconnected from the server. Around two or three minutes later I tried to reconnect but there was a massage saying I was permanently banned for hacking and that Yugi had banned me. I feel like I have been unfairly banned because all I did was jump over a wall and explore his territory. He has no proof that I was using a hacking client and I had just joined the server that day. At most I thought Yugi would kill me, but I feel like having server admins that will ban you for just being on their territory not only takes away from the Minecraft factions experience, but is an abuse of administrator privileges.

Thank you for posting an appeal. Please contact me on Discord at !Adam#0001 as I would like to personally talk to you about this. I gave yuri1012 all day to post his response here but still hasn't responded.


Actually, cancel that, I did a 100 chunk search and discovered that you did multiple actions near Israel land, and can confirm that you did indeed place cobble pillars to climb the wall.

Ban appeal approved. You'll be unbanned immediately.

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